As part of our “honeymoon” and as a birthday trip for Björn, we spent the weekend in Niagara Falls. It was cold and windy when we got there, and the sky was overcast for most of the time. We spent a day visiting the falls and walked around the tourist town of Niagara Falls. All the time, we could hear the thundering of the falls and looked at the greenish water masses plunging down against the grey sky. The Canadian horseshoe falls are quite impressive and I was surprised at how close you can actually get to the edge!
The American falls look pretty and we had the most amazing view from our hotel room on the 11th floor overlooking the falls and the vast river. During the night, the falls are being light up in different colors and we heard that sometimes the falls are actually frozen at this time of the year, but apparently this winter has been unusually warm and so there was only very little ice around the falls….