This past weekend we drove up to the Victoria Falls with my parents, who are currently visiting from Germany. After a night at Nata Lodge, we continued our journey to see the water masses of the Zambezi River falling over the edge.
On our way, we encountered some elephants on the roadside, passed huge sun-flower fields, spent a lot of time at the border and finally arrived just in time to catch the last hours of light over the glorious waterfalls.
The next morning we walked over the bridge and took some more pictures of the falls, the gorge and the beautiful scenery.
At high water, the falls really give you a good shower and you can’t even see the bottom of the gorge, but the sound of the roaring water definitely makes it all very exciting.
I seriously love this place and could visit it over and over again.
Maybe next time I’ll go to the Zambian side?all pictures (except the family pic) taken with my new camera!!!