UNDP called for Kabul again

The people saying: “If you stay once in Kabul and enjoyed the country, you will come back.” I was not aware that this happend so fast, but as UNDP Seal office asked me to gather some trainers and come to there “Afghan Youth Assembly” I could not stand and agreed to stay from 2nd untill 16th June again in Kabul for this event in the Afghan parliament.

And I took my friend Katrin Hünemörder (Germany), Asser Mortensen (Danish) and Igor Casapu (Moldova) with me and as we know each others from youthpolicy in the European context I am really lucky to find this dream-team. Together we will make to impossible possible and work with 100 young students in the youthparliament in a country, where democracy is not very wellknown and hardly any youth-NGO´s are existing. That´s exactly what I like as challenges. :) And the whole UNDP security stuff I want with Igor through together the whole day was really crazy, now I am not only UN-official but have a radio also, are not allowed to travel alone and have filled in whole books with papers. :)

UNDP called for Kabul again

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  1. Franz

    Björn junge,
    bisse jetzt ein Lobbyist des Westens oder wat? Find ick jut, wat du da machst, ehrlich gesagt sogar neidisch, wäre auch gerne mal wieder on the road, statt nur im Büro zu sitzen. Ah ja. Fotographier mal Stromleitungen und Russenpanzer!
    Ach ja und warste schon anna Deutschen Front?
    It grüßt aus Berlin und Heiligendamm

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