For a potential project, I travelled to Abidjan and embarked on a journey through the last remaining part of the Upper Guinean Forest in Côte d’Ivoire and neighbouring Liberia. It was quite an adventure and we spent endless days on bumpy roads while exploring the TaiGreboSapo region. The sheer size of the trees and plants here is absolutely amazing and while there is a lot of agricultural pressure in Côte d’Ivoire, the Liberian forest seem largely intact and untouched by human development for the time being.

 It was a very intensive, exhausting and utterly demanding trip, both intellectually and physically. At times the reality of people’s lifes in Liberia hit us as well, when meeting even the basic demands like accommodation and food seemed to become a challenge. This situation can certainly leave you wondering about your own priorities, necessities and inequalities in society.

The endless, never-ending journey from Zwedru to Monrovia on dusty so-called roads that actually were nothing but a series of massive potholes, followed by torrential rains that turned them into muddy puddles of red water, was the most horrible day in a long time. Now that I was able to revover from the harsh reality and the bumby roads for a few days in Monrovia, the memory of the long hours on the road is not so horrible anymore and somehow I now would not want to miss this experience.