Three days to go until master-thesis is finished!

It is getting damn close now! Only three more days and I have to deliver my master-thesis to the University of Berlin while almost finishing my whole university-life. I only have to attend two vocal exams in June and then I would be done. As I had three months of field-research in Southern Africa I enjoyed the last three weeks here at the National University of Singapore very much while finalising the thesis on the research. As most of you know I was never so much attracted by university but more by practical experiences and non-formal education but during the last nine months, when I was the first time in life studying serious and finishing 13 university-paper (!) I learnt to appreciate also theoretical university-life and feel ready now to finally graduate as skilled (sic!) master-student.

Singapore was therefore the ideal place, as the nations future will be build on solid education and knowledge management and the National University of Singapore as well as the Nanyang Technological University are the leading Asian universities and NUS even reached 30th place in the current “Times”-ranking. As I never studied abroad I was fascinated by the campus-university with its amazing opportunities, where even the alumni-building is bigger and more modern then my whole “OSI Institute of Politicial Sciences” at home. I attache some pictures, that show some parts of my life during the last three weeks and will go immediatly back to my thesis now. :)

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  1. Niels

    Keep on rocking! I’m proud of you.

  2. Renaldas

    Push it, baby! Push it! :)

    Congratulations, you are becoming a big boy


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