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North Island: Mount Doom

Finally here are some more pics from our trip through NZ. The central area of the North Island is characterised by a volcanic plateau with several active, partly snow-capped peaks. It’s a great area for hiking, but somehow the presence of the volcanoes and the fact that there could be an eruption anytime adds a…

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Volcano Close-Up

Finally I got a volcano. A real one. And really close. Walking over black lava rubble up the volcano to get close to the glowing red, super-hot lava was pretty exciting! Especially because we kept hearing some explosions behind the mountains of black lava stone. And then we saw the lava stream, flowing fast downhill,…

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arriving in Pucon late at night I only got a glimpse of something glowing red in the air in the distance – apparently the top of the volcanothe next morning everything was covered in clouds and rain….like a moody diva the volcano kept hiding from us for the next 2 days behind her white and…

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