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"Trunk Market"

Last week I had to run some errands in BBS Mall. This also involved some waiting and so I had time to walk around and take some pictures of the shoppers and vendors around that area. Every day, people come from the surrounding villages and sell fresh fruits and vegetables from their gardens. This “trunk…

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artisan visit

The other day I went to Gabane a small village outside of Gabs with a friend to visit some local artists. The main attraction is a pottery, where they produce beautiful traditional ceramics and some other crafts. In the shop, some women were quietly working on new pieces while outside, goats were running around. I…

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on the streets of Gaborone

Mostly, Gabs is a car-city. Because everything is spread out people take the car to go from one place to another. But there is some life on the streets: Parking lots are being used to sell veggies & fruits and other stuff and in the few pedestrian zones, you can buy everything from jeans to…

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