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A Day in Jurassic Park

Leaving Coihayque, the Carreterra Austral leads through Valdivian rainforests into the Queulat National Park with its huge trees and enormous ferns. The jungle is so thick that you can´t see the ground and only hear the noise of the almost constant rain and the birds hiding in the green. In this landscape you totally wouldn´t…

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General Carrera

The second day of our road trip we spent driving around a huge lake in a beautiful landscape. In Argentina it is called Lago Buenos Aires, but after crossing the border into Chile, they call it Lago General Carrera. The gravel road is quite narrow and winds up and down along the shores of the…

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da wo der gletscher kalbt…

The legendary Glaciar Perito Moreno is part of the third-largest continental icefield and is simply huge… Even in El Calafate you can see pieces of ice drifting on the nearby lake, so being really close to the majestic glacier and hearing big chunks of ice thundering into the icy blue water was a great experience!

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