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Myanmar adventure: Media and Hope

After I finally socialised with Singapore and my new beloved home in Southeast-Asia and thought I will get bored soon the “Myanmar Writers and Journalists Association” invited me from 20th until 24th July to a training-course for young journalists from private and state-owned media. That invitation was totally exeptional as Myanmar was not inviting any…

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Kuala Lumpur or Singapore?

After arriving back to Singapore without any university-pressure nor any other voluntary engagement I started to look seriously into job-offers, specially in governance and media in the region. As there were not so many opportunities I was more than lucky to receive different offers and went last week even to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia (see…

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My published articles from Africa

Since several years I was just organising journalism workshops, trainings and congresses on German and European level and build up even networks in Jordan and Afghanistan but I lacked always the time to constantly write own articles. That changed here in Africa and I took the chance to experience work as foreign correspondent with the…

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