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Sunset Saturday X

Our last trip from Singapore was to Hong Kong in early December 2009. I was curious to see a major Asian city and so we caught a plane to another small island. Hong Kong was decked out in kitschy Christmas decorations and felt even more busy than Singapore. We took a bus tour through the…

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Four Days in Hong Kong

A busy metropolitan, built on a tiny place in the Pearl River Delta, spread out over some islands. After 24 hours in the metropolitan, we’d already taken a boat more than 5 times to cross the harbour. When the sun sets, the city’s energy is on full force and you can feel the place vibrating…

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Advent Sunday in Hong Kong

we passed this flower shop somewhere in SoHo on our way to dinner,smelling wonderfully of fresh fir and we just had to walk in to buy a small fir branch to put in our hotel room being so far away from home on the first advent sunday we all of a sudden felt a tiny…

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