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The new kings of kite

When a good friend turns 30 this is a perfect excuse to do something special.We used it as an opportunity to go up North and visit my sister and her boyfriend in Hamburg. After a night out on the Reeperbahn we went on the road again and spent two days on the coast watching the…

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Warm welcome back in snowy Germany

After twelve months living in the tropical island Singapore it was quite a huge change arriving back in “good old Germany”. Snow covered Munich, which I landed and during the last two weeks I experienced temperature between -15 and -5 degrees each day with beautiful snow, frost patterns and many cold fingers. After some days…

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in between the years

Shortly after Christmas and all the celebrations I left Bavaria for a trip to the far North of Germany and the beautiful Baltic Sea. I traveled from Hamburg all the way to the seaside and back again. And while it was unusually warm weather in Munich the Northeast of Germany was caught in ice and…

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