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Sunset Saturday XXVI

Sunset in Old Havana. I was walking around town on one of my last evenings in Cuba and just happened to be in the right spot to see the sun going down behind a cigar factory. The moment I looked over there the sun was exactly shining through a round hole on top of the…

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Sunset Saturday XVII

Sunset at the beach after a massive thunderstorm in Varadero. The rain was pouring down for an hour or so, accompanied by ferocious thunders and gusts of wind. In the hotel there were several leaks where water was dripping from the ceiling onto the floor. The dark clouds went out towards the ocean and the…

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libre in Cuba

the last stop of my trip was Cuba. I arrived in Havana and spent some days exploring the beautiful old city while trying to get a grip for this special country, that’s so different from the rest and which I found very difficult to understand. going on to Trinidad for some more colonial highlights and…

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