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the final nights

After an informal dinner with lots of last-minute strategizing, I returned to the ICC on Friday on what was supposed to be the last day of negotiations. Througout the morning, we camped out in front of the meeting room where Ministers from major countries tried to come up with a deal. It was a day…

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Sunset Saturday XXXXI

Here’s a picture of the sun setting over that bridge at the ICC in Durban. COP17 didn’t end on Friday night as discussions were still ongoing, and I left way after sunset on what was supposed to be the last evening. In the end, a solution was agreed upon in the early hours of Sunday…

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a week in Durban

This past week has been quite hectic and I don’t know how many times I have walked over that dreaded bridge to get into the COP17. Below are a few pictures of where I am spending my days. 1, inside the plenary2, the bridge3, SADC exhibition booth4, ICC cafeteria5, in front of the Africa Pavilion

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