Sunny life in Kabul

After some great days in Kabul I really enjoy life here and Germany is soooo far away, even if you meeting Germans everywhere and all people love Germans, cause “they were never fighting against us”… :) And I got introduced to this town by our office, Ursula and Zahir, on several trips but also by some friends, that showed me good restaurants and of course journalists, that stay here. In the office we sent out now the new “call for candidates” for the “Young Leaders Forum 2007/2008”, that I wrote together with Sulaiman. The forum is a one-year trainee-course for young leaders in soft-skills but also with meeting to experts, politicians and journalists. I met them one year ago in Berlin and was amazed about their positions, they have already taken considering their youth.

The next days I work on the young journalists network and potential exchanges with “the world” and I love do to the work, cause the country lackes independent media and that would make a big difference to the people – even if only 200.000 have internet-access, the news are spread out via radio and TV and reach them. Next week the SPD chairman Kurt Beck is coming to our office, so we are already cleaning – which is not that easy, cause after the rain we have only dust outside on the streets…

backery near my compond magnificient castle near the city

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