Still alive and hard working

I am now really arrived in Kabul – I know where to buy my bread, to negotiate with the cab-drivers and the guys from kebap and to find my way home without any names of the streets and feel home on the dusty ways. This city is definitly not nice cause it´s very much destroyed but the hospitality of the people is great – guest are god in the house, even at poor families.

I realise that Afghan often lack national feelings – it´s difficult for them to describe “why they are proud of their country” – mainly they blame themselves for the awful streets, the destroyed energy-system or the situation in the South but what unites them is the great hospitality. And I realise that our work really make sense in the country, because Afghan people are more then willing to learn and experience – but often you have to start from the empty ground. And that´s great challenge – I had a training on project-management and figured out, that I trained the personal assistant of the EU respresentative, the leader of Pakistan-department in Foreign ministry and a project-leader of the world-banc. Such cooperations are not happening in Europe – things can really develope here but it will need much time…

And here the proof that I am still living – in the morning on my way to our office at 7.30 o´clock – tired:
hills of Kabulfootball on mountainspharmacy looks differentBjörn still living :)Kabuls burkas are blue

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