So I made it to Conakry in one piece and spent a week there. I stayed at the friendly Residence Cameroun, a short walk from the Departement des Eaux et des Forets of the Environment Ministry, where I spent some time meeting people and discussing ideas. The department is set in a beautiful green garden and there is also a small nursery in the middle of this kind of jungle that used to be the botanical garden. Other than that, time passed quickly with long hours in meetings, and driving around the city, taking in some street scenes while passing.
During the weekend, I went out for dinner with a colleague from Niger and he took me to the Officers Mess and some places at the seaside, where the palms were swaying in the nightbreeze and some life music was making this a truly West-African experience.
Overall, Guinea does not seem like an easy place to understand and there were many things that puzzled me in terms of how things work (or don’t work).  I don’t think I have figured out everything that is going on there right now, but I got some pretty interesting insights and lots of things to digest….so thanks to everyone there who made me feel welcome!