Singapore is calling

Germany is freezing cold comparing to Botswana – from warm and beautiful 30 degrees in Botswana it went down to minus 20 degrees and more in the last days in Germany. But I enjoyed chrismas and New Year very much and had a Germany-trip ´par exellence´. First I celebrated chrismas with Susi in Munich at her family and then I went up to Stralendorf and Schwerin to my parents. Shortly before New Year I managed to stay over some days in Berlin and handed over my appartment. So from 1st January I am homeless now and travelling with all my clothes to a seminar, which I moderated, in Bremen and back to Munich for an amazing skiing-snowboarding-hillclimbing-trip with my friends the last days.

But time in Germany was very short – just two weeks after arriving from Botswana I am off again for another adventure. As most of you know my girlfriend, Susi, moved to Singapore already in September and so I decided that I can also finalise my diploma-thesis there until February. Afterwards I want to stay in the region working for the governance sector in Asia and I hope to find soon the ideal working-place: independent with a great team, big challenges and responsibilities and chances to develope projects on my own way. I am more than exited to experience this step, which is one of the most craziest of my life but I really love the idea to have a relationship in one town not Berlin-Brussels or Gaborone-Singapore and I love the idea working outside Europe and learn more before coming back some days. I will keep you posted in this blog and share some fotos as well the next days – hope to hear from you and if you are near Singapore just let me know.

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