Sightseeing in Kabul

After I arrived in my office and I got introduced to the team I managed to realised, that work is gonna be different, cause of slow internet, funny working procedures and specially different mentality. Afghanian people suffered now under 30 years of ongoing war and they just want to have peace and silence and do not use to creative and critics in team-work.

But afterwards I got a personal trip through Kabul with the rainy, misty streets – the guarded embassies, the traffic-jams and socialistic block-houses but also the great view to mountains. Here it´s my best picture from today ;)

typical crossing in Kabul

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  1. jona

    Seems like sightseeing is a risky job for some officials. Hope you are fine and there are not too much security restrictons.


  2. henning

    hey bjoern,

    thank god that everything is fine. rather don’t mess up with any of these policemen ;) i somehow am jealous of you; you’re experiencing a coutry and culture and living life probably no one of us can imagine.

    enjoy your time over there and please provide us with some more pictures!

    bye then,

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