After the pretty miserable weather in spring, summer has actually been quite nice. The only downside is that I had to enjoy the majority of it alone as Björn is still in Botswana. But then I spent most of the weekends with family and friends in Bavaria. After so many years abroad, I really enjoyed finally doing some of my favorite summery things again. Among these are spending time in my parents’ garden, harvesting some fruits and making delicious home-made summer berry jam and cakes, strolling through the lush green fields and woods, swimming in the amazingly clear water of the Walchensee with the impressive backdrop of the Alps, enjoyoing long warm summer evenings with a good braai and a cold drink, and just being out and about.

Now I am looking forward to some more sunny days and a week-long holiday together with Björn in the Mediterranean…

Thanks to everyone who spent time with me over the last couple of weeks
& special thanks to my sister and M. for letting me crash on their couch every other weekend!