After a few days in Frankfurt, I boarded a plane again and went back to Botswana for a week or so. I flew straight to Maun and from there, on into the middle of the delta for two days of bushwalks, mokoro trips and amazing nature in the beautfiful Okavango Delta. We stayed at Moremi Crossing and enjoyed the great hospitality, the sound of the bush and the fantastic atmosphere. During our walk over a partly burned island we saw zebras, red lechwe, reedbucks, impalas and got quite close to an elephant browsing through the bush. On the boat ride, we passed floating grass islands, steered through”hippo highways” and frequently came across families of hippos and elephants. In the evenings, we saw the full moon rise over the delta and listened to the millions of crickets, frogs and other insects that were our lullaby song. So glad I got a chance to see this beautiful place!