Rain, rain, rain – these were the first impressions that Jona got, when he finally arrived on 22nd April from Germany in Johannesburg. As this time of the year in Southern Africa the short autumn starts and will be followed by winter in June and July – it is getting pretty cold in the morning (around 2-3 degress) and the rain is doing us very well. He started his Africa trip from South Africa, through Botswana and later on Zimbabwe and Mozambique – so we used the weekend to visit the Mapungubwe park. This game reserve is situated in the north-east of South Africa and famous for is ancient history as well as the scenic red rocks. Especially the Mapungubwe Hill was a great experience, as this “UNESCO World Heritage” was the base for some far developed African civilisations between 1200 and 1270 AD. These kingdoms became rich through trade with faraway places like Egypt, India and China – so you see, that globalization is not only a child of our age. This “Lost City of Gold” is the place where archeologists excavated the famous golden rhino and other evidence of a wealthy African kingdom.

Despite the rain and the long distances to drive – the whole weekend around 3.000km – we enjoyed our time a lot and were fascinated by giraffs, anthilops and the magic of nature sounds, while camping during the night. After our return to Gaborone Jona went on to the “Victoria”-falls and later on Zimbabwe and Mozambique.