Rain Escape

It was pouring down here in Gaborone during the Easter weekend but we managed to escape the rain for a while by going to beautiful Madikwe with my parents.
Just across the border, we were lucky that the rain had stopped by the time we got there and we got some sunshine during our evening game drive, coating everything in warm light.
The next morning was cloudy and moist, and it took a while for the sun to come out. But the colours of the sky and the landscape after the rain were stunning.
Due to all the rain it was impossible to drive on most of the dirt roads and it was difficult to trace the animals, but we saw quite a few anyways.

And we found a lion couple!
After what looks like a lion kiss we could hear them roar across the land – a majestic sound unlike anything else in the bush!
And look at that gaze – looking straight through you….

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