Pictures from Kabul

After a lot of remarks here same pictures from my daily life in Kabul. The first pictures shows the really amazing-snow-covered mountains around the town, that reaches 4.000 – 5.000 meters. It´s a pitty that you cannot see them on daylight very often cause of smog and dust. The second picture is the street in front of FES office and this is the normal standart of streets here – it can go worse outside but with good cars you manage all, you only need time. The third and fourth pictures show men and women at street in typical clothing – the burkas are very strange for me, cause you cannot look in the eyes. And the last pictures shows Zainab, our secretary, and Ismail, our leader of administration in her office – that´s great work in there with cool team.

mountains around Kabulstreet in front of our officemen at streetwomen at streetoffice pic

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  1. Michael

    Hey Björn!
    Klingt wirklich spannend, was du nun in Kabul treibst! Ich hoffe Du erreichst deine Ziele und du kommst gesund! und um ein Projekt reicher wieder in Deutschland an.

    Ab jetzt stehst du unter Beobachtung ;).
    Bis Bald,
    Michael :)!

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