Paschto partys and Dari trips to country-side

After my first days here in Kabul I feel almost home and appreciate, that the sun also covers now the city and it really burns, cause Kabul is between 1.800 and 2.000 meters high – so we have great climate for getting fast brown in spring. Besides this Kabul and Afghanistan are adventures: no real streets with crazy drivers, that have mainly new driver license, we have clay-houses that the rain often destroys totally in the poorer areas of the town and the energy is mainly coming from diesel generator as well as the heating, if the guards of the home did not forgot to feed it.

But as “international” my life is great and I start to understand the country, even if the suicide attaces in the last weeks against the Americans raised the security-level again. But as German citizen I can move more easy in the streets, but even for us it´s not possible to go south – to Kandahar or Helmands, to the Talibans. I really like the people in the FES office and have a great task to newly design the “young leaders forum” but also build up a network of young journalists – this will be difficult cause of the strange situation on media here but exiting. And I have the great opportunity to live at the boss of the FES, so I get personal mentoring and understand situation much better.

Well – also party-life is great in Kabul and yesterday I attended the greatest party, I have ever been. Some pashtunian friends of mine had a fare-well party and invited me and almost all of them worked high-ranked in the government or important NGO´s here. We had great meals, tee and talks and afterwards a pashtunian singer sang afghanian songs for almost three hours in the living room with own band – all people danced, of course without their guns and kalashnikows and I also tryed their national dances.

And today the hospitality went on – cause of the afghanian new-year. Some friends from the office invited me to join their pic-nic and so I firstly went out of the town and saw the area of grapes and rivers and the 4.000 – 5.000 meter hills. That was amazing! And through all this experiences most problems from Germany and my life disappears and I start to feel the country here.

my office in Kabulparty-picture

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  1. jona

    Oh Björn, what happened? You are thinking about problems in your life you can forget now? I always thought in your life are no problems, but challenges. I’m completely disillusioned now.

    But I’m happy to hear, that life is exciting! Unfortunately I found our, that a flight to visit you in your short time there is much to expensive. Thats a pitty!

    Best wishes,

    PS: Nice to see, that you feel at least a little comfortable in your blog.

  2. lizzy

    what does “personal mentoring” actually mean??? Just kidding, sweetie.
    However, we all would be more than pleased getting to track your beard growing efforts. A picture every now and then to get a picture of your development into a “real” afghan would be very much appreciated. In exchange I could offer a more than beautiful picture of my upper lip.

    much love,

  3. Richter

    Hallo Björn,

    can you write also in german? That´s better for mr.

    Greatings from Oldfather

    Have you get my mail on your home-adress?

  4. sandrar

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

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