After signing an official “9-to-5” working contract I applied almost two months ago for the so-called “Employment Pass” in Singapore, that would allow me officially to work and live in the country after I had only visitors visa so far. But it took me four visits to the famous “Ministry of Manpower” and even one healt-test including HIV-testing before the tiny-little island checked and accepted me and hand me out the “Employment Pass”: first I had to officially hand in the documents, than they lost the acceptance letter in the ministry, then I had to hand over my finger-print and health-certificate and last but not least I could collect the pass. I was very happy to receive the “new” pass with all fancy stuff and was even more suprised when they told me that this little card would now be enough to enter Singapore and replace my passport at least at their boarders. Of course my first try at the boarder proofed this promise wrong: It was good that I was already trained by more crazy buerocracy and was not suprised when they also required my passport… Nothing new – just one more fancy card I added to the collection and I learned that their buerocracy is almost as inefficient as in European Union.