For a quick weekend trip we went across the border to Groot Marico. And even though it is much closer than most places in Botswana, it is a different country indeed. On Saturday, they held a little street market on the main street and we peeped into a couple of local shops and a working mill before we sat down for a delicious lunch at the newly renovated Twist of Lime restaurant.

Then we went down to the River Still and strolled along the banks accompanied by a new doggie friend Lily, the local Ridgeback. It was so nice to be near the water and walk through the bush! So far, everything had gone very smooth, but things were about to change a little when we hit a rock on the way back up and our poor car lost all the oil. Luckily, we still made it to a garage in town and, after a few phone calls and a little wait, got to meet Abdul and his family. Not only did he fix the leak and replace the oil, he then also invited us to join for dinner and we spent a very nice evening with them. Sometimes what seems like bad luck turns out to be a great opportunity to make some new friends!

We spent the night at a farm just outside Groot Marico and while the owners were nice and hospitable, it was a totally different experience from what we just had seen earlier that day. The next morning they kindly showed us around their farm and told us a few stories about their animals and hunting in the bush. I guess it’s one of the particularities of South Africa that you can find such a wide variety of lifestyles in such a small town like Groot Marico and it was a very interesting experience for us.