We spent Christmas and New Year’s in New Zealand. And even though I have been to quite a few far away places in the last couple of years, in numbers this was the biggest distance (more than 18.000 km) ever.
Also, it was the first time for me to not spend this time of the year back home with my parents and family, but I guess there are worse places to celebrate than beautiful New Zealand.
On our way, we stopped over in Singapore for a couple of days and were happy to note that not too much seems to have changed since we spent some time on this crowded tropical island. After that, we got to spend about 3.5 weeks in Kiwiland and explored the beautiful North Island as well as parts of the amazing South Island. The mixture of sea, coast, forests, mountains, volcanoes, glaciers and wildlife was really incredible and I am so glad we got to see this part of the world!
It was also really nice to spend some “quality” time together before returning to different parts of the world again…

Photo taken at the Pancake Rocks in Punakaiki