We’ve been to Maputo before and sort of went around the city during our last trip, but of course that doesn’t mean that there were no new things to discover this time. There are some really nice colonial and art deco buildings dotted all over Maputo. The grand old Polana Hotel was impressive and we had a lovely afternoon there, listening to live music and sipping coffee on the terrace. To get there, we took one of the little yellow cabs and cruised along the waterfront, which was quite fun. In the evening we went to check out the documentary film festival at the Teatro Avenida and as we were early, we killed some time at the little bar next door. The next morning, we had breakfast at a small side-walk cafe and parked the car right in front of it. Despite this precaution, someone snapped the outer mirror from our car, which then led us to explore some of the less touristy areas of Maputo. With the help of a friendly local we were able to score a new mirror from some guys selling it on a particular street within an hour or so, and then went back on the road for the final stretch of the way.

P.S. Monocle did a photo essay on Maputo’s architectural highlights, check it out if you get hold of the current issue.