After Vietnam I still had enough time before I finally entered “working life” again and so Susi and me decided to use the chance to escape from Singapore-island to another island: “down under”, “Aussie-Land”, “Terra incognito” or simply Australia.

As we had only two weeks we decided to go for Sydney, Tasmania and Melbourne and I am still overwhelmed when thinking back to these days between amazing landscapes, European lifestyle and great food as well as beautiful coasts, koalas, cangaroos, whales and wombats in real life. We stayed with friends in Sydney, where we visited the “blue mountains” nearby and lived in great CBD of this cosmopolitian city but enjoyed long costal walks as well. Afterwards we went for some days to the nearest point to Antartica, to Tasmanian island, and that play of nature was almost not able to resist – some days more and I would have applied for Australian citizenship. This nature was extraordinary, the seatrips on speed-boats through huges waves with whales and albatrosses were outstanding and the food and Tasmanian people were great pleasure. Coming back to this island is for sure and also a “must” for Melbourne, where we stayed the last days to enjoy the urban cultural life before going back to the “artifical island” of Singapore. If you have once the chance to go to Australia use it! I will do it again in October and will see more of “Ayes Rock” and the aboriginy culture.