During our first weekend we went for a daytrip to Bhurban, a couple of hours north of Islamabad. We were hoping to see some of the peaks of the Himalayas and indeed, we got lucky! Apparently, one of the peaks is the famous Nangaparbat, one of the highest mountains in the area.
It was quite impressive to drive up there and then see the mountain range in the distance. The air was beautiful and the sun was quite strong as we were at about 2,000m.
Also, I loved the snow horses that were built next to the road as a photo attraction and decorated with all sorts of “klimbim”:)

We spent some time at the PC and enjoyed lunch with a pretty view before returning home with some very tired babies in the car…

We weren’t quite sure at the time but when we looked it up at home it turned out that the highest peak in the snow-capped mountain range on the cover photo of this post must be indeed the Nangaparbat, which is more than 8000m!