Kuala Lumpur or Singapore?

After arriving back to Singapore without any university-pressure nor any other voluntary engagement I started to look seriously into job-offers, specially in governance and media in the region. As there were not so many opportunities I was more than lucky to receive different offers and went last week even to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia (see pictures from the great city attached) to speak with a regional media-programme, which is working as well in Myanmar. The offered tasks and challenges were really great and so the decision was not easy but I decided finally to stay in Singapore and enjoy my private life over here. And I started yesterday working as consultant for the Asian Media Information and Communication Centre for their projects in Asia and a fulltime job will hopefully follow until end of this month.

Additionally like to work as a journalist from here, as you see with this article about a “well-known Bavarian woman in Singapore” and have fun with colleagues, that publish the view out of my window in their media. And the time until ´real work´ starts won´t be wasted as well: I booked flights to Vietnam in two weeks and afterwards Australia and enjoy this freedom of freetime a lot.

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