For a long weekend in early October, we flew to Budapest and spent a couple of days in the city. We got lucky and enjoyed the clear, crisp air and blue skies while exploring parts of the city. Staying in a small bed&breakfast with a very helpful owner, we ventured to get a feel of some of the historic and present day atmosphere of the Hungarian capital. From the fortress, overlooking the majectic Danube, we had a magnificent view of the city centre. In the evening, we visited the beautiful opera house and also spent some time in Budapest Soho with its ruin bars and alternative clubs. After long walks through different parts of town we relaxed in the warm thermal waters in the historic Szechenyi Bath. And while there is a lot of creative energy in the city, the vibe is still a bit laid-back and the pace feels not as hectic as in many other cities, which made it the perfect place for some relaxing days.