in between the years

Shortly after Christmas and all the celebrations I left Bavaria for a trip to the far North of Germany and the beautiful Baltic Sea.


I traveled from Hamburg all the way to the seaside and back again. And while it was unusually warm weather in Munich the Northeast of Germany was caught in ice and some snow.


The charming coastal city of Kuehlungsborn hosted us for one night before we went on in a super fast car to Waren (Mueritz) to visit some friends.


The next day, the numerous little towers of the castle in Schwerin were hidden in fog, and all the trees were wearing white frost and ice covers.

DSC09639DSC09642 DSC09637

Back in Hamburg, it started snowing again and the city showed us its winterly face.


Luckily, our hosts had a wonderful and warm home and so we watched the snowfall and the wind from a cozy place in the kitchen.


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