Relaxed Holidays in Germany

After heading back to Germany I experienced three magnificient weeks of holidays in my home-country. First I had 31 hours of birthday because of time-shifts and celebrate my 30th birthday on two continents with a great party and lot of great friends in the “1a Lauschgift” in Berlin. Afterwards I was touring through Germany; starting in Hamburg, Schwerin back to Berlin and finally arriving to Munich. Here I felt that I was attending a “trainings-camp” with constant mountain-climibing and records in cross-country skiing… 35km daily… I hope to be prepared for Singapore football now. :)

After so much holidays with rain and snow I am now lucky to be back in sunny Singapore. And I am excited about the next weeks cause I have to decided on my new job over here and hope all my dreams come true. As you see attached I already like my little island so much, that I published the first article in the “Ostsee-Zeitung”:

Singapur: Mein kleines Disneyland

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