Goodbye Singapore: It’s time for continent-change

After some amazing months working in Asia and experiencing the Asian way of living, working and having fun life speeds up again. Last week I was offered a great job-opportunity at the German Development Cooperation/GTZ in the SADC-region, that I was writing my diploma-thesis about, and I decided taking this chance immediatly. It was a great time working for the FES in Asia but as Susi left for her trip to Latin-America I was able to get back to my beloved continent Africa and after this dream-offer it was very easy to decide.

Of course it’s amazing fast – as I decided this week to take the job, I will leave Singapore forever on 22nd December and will start the new challenge after a great christmas and ski-holiday from 1st February and most probably move to Botswana in March. I hope everything goes like planned, as no contract is signed so far, but the opportunity is extraordinary amazing and of course I took this small risk – as always. :) Life is great and I am awaiting the time in Africa a lot.

4 Responses to Goodbye Singapore: It’s time for continent-change

  1. Joerg

    Ich freue mich mit Dir und wünsche Dir einen möglichst reibungslosen Wechsel!

    Alles Gute,

  2. Christian

    welcome back, dude!!!
    Mail mir mal Näheres und dann wirds auch schon wieder Zeit für Reisepläne, vielleicht schaff ich’s ja nun doch mal nach Gabs…
    Frohes Fest

  3. Harold Grande

    Hi! Why am I not surprised by your decision. I remember us talking about making big decisions when it comes to our careers and the pressure to do a lot because we’re in our 30s. I left my teaching job too at the University of the Philippines last November. I’m aiming to work for an international development organization soon.

    Good luck!


  4. April

    Hv u left S’pore already?
    How about ur life here?

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