Flooded office during the night

As me and Martin Hofmann, the other diploma-aspirant working for GTZ, normally work from the GTZ office everything was going smoothly there and fine. But our old office from Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation, where we stayed some weeks in the beginning, went on an internal seminar and asked us to babysit the office. We thought no problem but reality was different…

One hour after the FES people left the energy was gone and we found out, that the bill was not paid for two months – some happened also to our appartment, so I lined up for two times two hours at Botswana Power Cooperation to fix the energy… which came back two days later only. The same time Martin had a lot of fun with the contractor company, who was employed to fix the roof of the foundation and lay new roof-sheets un the roof until the FES people come back. In the afternoon all workers suddently left and the roof stayed half open – half closed. Well done we thought, they know what they do cause they are professionells… but we realised at 20 oclock, after the first raindrops went down, that there might be a small problem and went straight to the office. It took us three hours of removing all the sensitive financial files, computers and electric equipment until we saved the office interior but it really rained through and the walls, the lamps and the carpet got wet. In the morning the company came back and apologised for their mistake, they were praying the whole night – well, that did not helped them a lot, so I managed to negotiate some deals with them and they removed all isolation and wet wood from the roof and fixed the whole roof in one (!) day before new rain arrived. After the FES people came back in the evening office was fixed and only the carpet stayed wet and the walls needed to paint a bit but we seriously had two amazing days full of surprises. And we learned: if somebody ask you to watch out for their office better be prepared for everything. :)

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