Flood and earthquakes – all inclusive…

Well, after I already thought that I get to know Afghanistan a bit – the country surprised me again and again. It started last week with heavy rains and the snow from the mountains was melting, so the rivers got more and more water and flood was arriving. The water destroyed some bridges in Kabul and the area around and several people drown.

And as if this was not enough for this country today I woke up at 5.10 o´clock and it was shaking a bit – I experienced my first earth-quake and at around eight o´clock the second one. The first one was 5,2 on the Richter-skale and it had his center in the north and their several houses and villages were destroyed. I really have to say, that might be more than enough for this country that has seen 30 years of senseless war. But there was also something crazy, that I discovered… The Afghan people like football and specially German teams but they better play buskashi, their national sport. Riders on horses went in the arena and wait for the start, then a dead goat is the aim to carry around. The winner is the guy, that managed to carry the goat against the others to the circle on theother end of the arena. It is really crazy but I definatly gave to see this soon!

buskashi - famous Afghan sport

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    Ich sag nur RICHTER Skala

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