As my probation period ends I am now officially allowed taking holidays again and so the next months are packed with diverse get-aways and proper leaves to all the exotic countries around us to dive deeper in the African adventure. As I liked the amazing Namibian country-side in March so much we started end of August again to this magic mixture of desert, mountains and beach. First stop was the Soussusvlei-desert were we managed to catch the sun-rise at 6 (!) o´clock in the morning and got a good sunburn. Afterwards the Naukluft-mountains provided not only an amazing panorama and camping-spot but also a great “Olive Trail” day-hike, where we were walking a full day without seeing human beings but stunning mountains and dry river valleys.

After several hours driving through full-fledged desert – where we are believed to approach the end of the world – finally Swakopmund appeared between Namib-desert and ocean. This curious city combines German culture and lifestyle in the middle of Africa with sand-dunes, beaches, great food and amazing sealife – a funny mixture, that feels almost home at the Baltic Sea. And as we did some boat-cruise at the ocean finally I saw them again: dolphins jumping next to the boat and racing up and down like crazy. After more than three years looking out for them in Africa and Asia I almost wanted to give up and there they were – elegant, amazing swimmers with mega-fun to watch. With all these impressions we managed the 12 hours drive back to Gaborone easily and look forward for all these trips still to come to explore this diverse continent, where one country looks different than the other.