In the past weeks, I’ve been trying to get to know my new city a little bit more and explored the neighbourhood around my place. On the first really nice and sunny day I biked along the Nidda, a small stream coming from the North, until the old airport in Bonames. It was quite crowded and I was slightly overwhelmed by the number of people there. The other day I cycled through the Stadtwald and visited the wild boars and some other animals. It’s very close to the airport and the train tracks, so it’s rather noisy…but it’s also green and dark and sometimes feels like a real forest. During a work outing , we went for a nice walk through the woods during a work outing, and it seems like there are some decent trails in the area around Frankfurt, so there’s definitely more to explore in the coming months.

It’s nice to bike around and get outside during spring, but having said that: I sometimes feel a little caged…after years in the  “bush” I’m just not used to being surrounded by all sorts of things and people all the time…I always knew that the amount of space we had for ourselves in Botswana was extraordinary, but now I realize the extent of luxury to have all that space for yourself!
I guess over time I’ll get used to it again, but right now, it is hard sometimes and I’m definitely planning some escapes to less crowded areas in the next months!

In other news: I also attended my first blogger event and had a great evening in this cool location in Sachsenhausen. Plus, I found some urban gardeners and finally met some beekeepers, so that’s cool.