Football was calling us to Johannesburg once again – after the magnificient World Cup 2010 the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) was celebrated with the magic players from across the African continent. As we managed to get tickets for the AFCON three guys went to Jozie for the AFCON final – and managed to see lots of city-life during day and night.

We arrived in Melville and had a great supper with Mozambique food and afterwards nice music and party in Kitcheners – next morning’s breakfast was served at “Market on Main” with cultural life and afterwards we went to the game. Nigeria played Burkina Faso and the athmosphere of almost 100,000 visitors was spendid – we almost forgot the awful game and celebrated afterwards Nigeria´s victory. Thanks for a fantastic weekend to Martin and Shiraz, thanks to Christian and Hannah for hosting us on short notice and for Lea and Terence for getting up during night-time to send us home to Gaborone!