Time is running so fast, and in the past weeks I haven’t really had time for anything, but here’s a few more memories of our trip to the Magkadigkadi Pans.

It was such a great get-away and we also crossed a few things of our “to-do” list for Botswana:

– Learn about the origins of the Baobab, that some tribes believe are being thrown down from the sky by the Gods whenever they are really angry. Others believe it is the hyenas fault, who did a bad job planting them upside down. Whatever the reason, these trees are impressive and have witnessed so much history –

– Visit the Meerkats and wait for them to come out of their den in the morning, greeting the sun and the new morning before starting their search for food –

– Watch the sunset and the thousands of Flamingos that migrate to the pans near Nata during the rainy season. From a distance, they look like a soft pink ribbon that is stuck between earth and sky, but we got close enough the hear their chatter and see them fly in flocks low above the shallow water –