Blue Zebras

It is the first time that Botswana has qualified for the AFCON and now that the tournament has started, the country is going slightly crazy. Yesterday was the first group game of the Zebras against mighty Ghana and it was amazing to see the support of the fans throughout the city.

Cars are waving the national flag, people everywhere (even in the bank!) are wearing their trikot, and the Orange Fan Park at Game City was shaking from the stomping and dancing of the crowds.
And even though the result was disappointing, it was an exciting match and everyone is looking forward to the next matches!
Go Zebras!

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  1. Anonymous

    >Awesome, I know somebody who lives in a country that takes part in the AFCON! Cheers, Christian

  2. MasterTutak

    >Who are this couple?… lol He is a soccer player?… hahaha ;)

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