Between cockfights, beautiful lakes and journalists in prison

The experiences from last days are amazing and show that the country is facing incredible challenges. First of all I went with some Afghan and British friends to Qaga, a lake-district around 30 kilometers from Kabul-city and I was fascinated to find such blue lake surrounded by ice-covered mountains that near. We enjoyed our stay at the lake and even rented a boat to drive on the lake – almost like peaceful Austria… but in Afghanistan. After we came home we had great experiences with Afghan tradition – the let cocks fight against each others and around 200 men are watching and are really concerned, how the fight is going. I found it boring… and even if no cock is dying very bad game for them. But it´s as well Afghanistan as the soldiers on the third pictures, that are securing an ISAF-army-building where “no pictures” is allowed… well, with them maybe and if you offer them to play football, they are joining… crazy country.

And the hard reality hit very close to my the day before yesterday. The “Attourney General” felt insulted by the programme from tolo-tv and so he decided to take some soldiers and went to their private TV-station and arrest some journalists. Huges proteste was coming from journalists afterwards, demonstration were held and fight is going on, how independent media can be in the country without having conflict with islam… this discusion will dominate the society and the development of the country and let´s hope for an agreement.

beautiful Qaga-lakelazy soldiers watching…Afghan cockfight

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  1. Mohammad Reza

    Lieber Björn,

    Herzlich willkommen Sie zu Afghanistan und ich bin Fröhlich,dass sie wollen uns helfen.aber Sie sollten mehr über unsere Tradition kennenlernen z.b “cock-fight” ist nicht in unsere Tradition.Der ist ein sort von Glucksspiel,dass arbeitslose Leute den machen und ich bin einverstanden mit ihrer Idee über Afghans Polizei und ich glaube,dass die Massenmedien durfen nicht die Bedeutung des Gesprächs verändern.

    Mohammad reza

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