Baby you can drive my car

Soon after arriving in Gabs it became clear that I will need a car in order to get around. And so my favorite man took me to his trusted Sri-Lankan car dealer in the dusty suburb of Mogoditshane where we inspected a number of ‘freshly arrived’ cars from Japan.
And even though the offer was rather limited I decided I definitely want a German car!
(After all, it’s the first time I am buying a car)

After some back and forth, test-driving, negotiations between the men, getting lost on the way, trying every cash mashine in Gabs, and finally a rather lengthy cleaning session (just before the WC started), I am now the proud owner of this lovely green VW Golf:

Isn’t it pretty? :)

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  1. floho40

    >What else get changed, in the age of 30.. :-)

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