An early Christmas Party

The charity project that I’ve been involved in for a while was organising a Christmas party on Saturday. Already the week before we were busy preparing everything, including gift bags for more than 2oo children.

On Saturday morning everyone gathered for a Christmas party and it was such a great experience to join the kids singing and celebrating.

With big eyes and huge smiles on their faces they received their gifts after a long wait and then were treated to a warm meal and some cake.

Some of the kids were totally speechless and seemed to have forgotten the world around them for a while.

It was a very moving event and the kids were incredibly to watch.
I am so thankful and proud to have the opportunity to work with the children and the awesome team at Happy Home!

Thanks to my sister for coming with me & taking all the beautiful pictures!

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  1. Kerry-ann

    >what an awesome experience to be part of and know that you have made a difference in someones life that will impact them for years to come.

  2. Robin

    >That must have been a special day for everyone involved.

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