About crazy security-hints and cool work

We are UN guys now! Nothing was that clear for us in the last days… after filling in almost twenty forms, got two passports, one crazy security-briefing with pictures from ambushed cars… and one badge and of course we got the amazing radio, that we all know from the movies and have to respond to head-quarter all evening… bravo. delta. 23… do you copy… :) And UN compound has a swimming-pool inside and we just attended a latvian party. Well – and about my room there are humours, that Nixon stayed here during his stay in Afghanistan in 70ies. It´s really different from my FES experiences but it´s great to work with experiences guys from UNDP.

And we really feeling like in a movie here, cause situation is changing each hour in our project, but today we started with orientation-day and experienced 100 representatives from schools in Kabul, that made us believe in our work cause they were that great. And as our three last people arrived from Dubai we were completed by one Fillipines – working with that six experienced guys is amazing but still taff under this conditions. But we believe in the young people and as I got to know that 68 procent of Afghan population is under 25 years I understood, that “they are the future of the country” is not longer a sentence but reality.

life in Kabul

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