a week-long drive

Last week we did a little 3600 km roadtrip through Botswana and Namibia and spent days in the car, watching the changing landscape along the road.
Apart from driving we also ate fresh apple pie in Solitaire, watched the sun rise over the Namib desert, climbed Big Mama (a big red sand dune at Sossusvlei), camped out in the Naukluft mountains and hiked up over the slopes & down a massive canyon for hours without meeting any other people, had some rain in the middle of the desert, played with a baby-seal, watched dolphins, pelicans, flamingos & a whale near Swakopmund and enjoyed champagne (& fresh oysters) during the cruise!

It was the perfect escape and I loved every minute of it!
(except maybe for the time when I just could not get the car to go up that very steep & scary mountain gravel road…)

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