As children, we used to spend a lot of time at the old hunting hut of my grandfather during summer. It is situated on a hill near a small village between two beautiful lakes and I remember running around on the fields on warm summer evenings after a long day at the lake. We’d catch grasshoppers and frogs, play in the woods and eat dinner in front of the hut overlooking the fields before going to bed and listening to the sounds of little squirrels and mice running around on the roof. Some of my favorite childhood memories were made here and the hut has been something of a family favorite for generations. When I got older, I would go there with a couple of friends for a night in the “wilderness”, including a big camp fire, scary stories, and ice cold mornings early in the year. This time I went back there with my sister and M. for a quick afternoon picknick and it was great to reminiscence for a while about old times…even though back then there were no lamas around, but hey, times are changing – even in rural Bavaria!
Thanks Isi and Markus for going there with me!